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Cover Page of Biosciences, Biotechnology Research Asia JournalBiosciences, Biotechnology Research Asia is an international, open access, peer reviewed research journal covering all aspects of Biosciences and Biotechnology field. It provides a forum for worldwide scientific researchers to share their findings and disseminate innovative, relevant and useful information throughout the scientific horizon.
Frequency: Quarterly (March, June, September, December)
DOI Prefix: 10.13005
Print ISSN: 0973-1245
Online ISSN: 2456-2602
Abbreviation: Biosci., Biotech. Res. Asia
Editor in Chief: Prof. Dr. rer. Nat. Hesham Ali El-Enshasy

Recent Articles

Volume 14, Number 4
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Genotype, Row Spacing and Environment Interaction for Productivity and Grain Quality of Pigeonpea (Cajanus Cajan) in Sub-Tropical Australia.

Rao C. N. Rachaputi1, Guta Motuma Bedane2, Ian James Broad3 and Kurt Sepp Deifel1

Volume 14, Number 4
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Diversity of Tropical Marine Macroalgae from Coastal Area of Sayang Heulang, West Java Indonesia

Dimas Frananta Simatupang1, Jannah Sofi Yanty1,3, Yanti Rachmayanti1, Fida Madayanti Warganegara1 and Akhmaloka1,2

Volume 14, Number 4
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Nutrient and Oceanography Requirement for G.Edulis and U.Lactuca in Setiu Wetland

Oladokun Olanrewaju Sulaiman1, Giulia Guerriero2, Fadzil Akhir1 and Ismail Nabilah1

Volume 14, Number 4
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Model Test for Determination of Hydrodynamic Ocean Coeficient for Design of Aquaculture Mooring System for Oceanic Macroalgae Farming

O O. Sulaiman

Volume 14, Number 4
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Volatile Organic Compounds of Kaffir Lime (Citrus Hystrix DC.) Leaves Fractions and Their Potency as Traditional Medicine

Elsa Dilla Dertyasasa and Woro Anindito Sri Tunjung